Operational Level

Classes will be started for each subject teaching for Objective Typed Questions (OTQ) in December and June. While the classes for Integrated Case Study (ICS) will be started in January, March, June and September aiming the March, May, August and November Exam Windows respectively.

Wisdom offers a systematic timetable of classes with the best combination of OTQ and ICS lecturers with their specializations.


Students must pass all Operational subjects before attempting the Management level.

The student is assessed over a 90 minutes of 60 objective type questions on each subject. There is no reading time. The exams are available on demand. The pass mark will be 70%.

The integrated case study exams are available on four exam windows per year. The exam will be three hours. The pass mark will be 60%.

Students, who pass all three Operational Level OTQ papers and the Case Study Exam, will be awarded the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting.