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A full range of services for students applying to British Universities & Colleges

Identifying a vital student need in the country prevailing today, we have availed our long-standing experience in education to assist students seeking foreign graduation programmes through Wisdom Institute for International Studies (WIIS), where we offer detailed, independent advice to students interested in applying to British Universities and Colleges at any level, similarly to those at university who are unhappy with their studies. We also advise mature students interested in university studies later in life. WIIS offers a comprehensive range of advisory services for parents and students relating to college and university education in Great Britain.


Pre-university studies: planning ahead
  • Long term planning for entry to UK universities for those currently being educated in Sri Lanka : choosing the right courses and gaining the right qualifications to meet entry criteria.

UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Options and Applications

  • How the UK university system works
  • Fees and the cost of university education
  • Transferring from overseas to a UK university
  • Entry requirements for UK universities
  • Choosing the right course and university etc.
  • UCAS online applications for undergraduate entry: special advisory service face to face for students on how to complete the forms, draft the personal statement, etc.
  • Mature students: options and applications
  • Graduate applications
  • Responding to university offers; UCAS Extra and Clearing; what to do if exam results disappoint
  • Alternatives to university
Advice is available in person, by telephone or email throughout the year. Consultations usually last about an hour, but can be longer if needed. We also carry out research on behalf of students into courses, entry requirements etc. Many students are in regular contact with us throughout the application process. Telephone consultations are also available for brief advice..

WIIS assist the students with documentation process of the University / College application and we keep in regular contact with the Universities / Colleges regarding the status and progress of applications. In short, we provide a 'total solution" to the students in a professional manner - from counseling to getting an admission offer at a desired university/college - and from visa guidance to finally arriving at the campus; such as :
  • Providing comprehensive counseling, application processing, fees payment procedures, living expenses, lifestyle, accommodation types, etc.
  • Facilitating communication with UK institutions on behalf of the students
  • Visa assistance, guidance and proper counseling
  • Arrangement for accommodation
  • Travel & Medical Insurances can be facilitated
  • Pre-departure briefing
  • Airport pick-up service
We will pave the way to your success....
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