Wisdom Business Academy, Colombo in-partnership with
Robert Gordon University, UK offers BSc Accounting
BSc Accounting

This is a unique opportunity for the students who pursue CIMA to develop their Academic skills along with their professional qualification. The top-up option is one year pathway for the CIMA students who have completed the CIMA Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting (CIMA Management Level). However the students who wish to achieve both their Academic and Professional qualifications at once can commence the top-up degree modules along with the CIMA Diploma in Management Accounting (Operational Level) on a conditional offer.

Having an understanding of the working students' agenda, the provider has scheduled the Lectures and Mentoring sessions in a flexible manner while keeping the standards and quality high. The learning experience involves both real-time and non-real-time experience. The extensive support is provided through interactive and advisory sessions.

The Robert Gordon University is approved by Sri Lanka University Grants Commission. (International Universities Handbook. Page no. 06)
The Robert Gordon University is based in Aberdeen - the Oil Capital of Europe. The Robert Gordon University (RGU), pride themselves on being the “Professional University" and they have an outstanding international reputation for producing confident, highly employable graduates who progress to successful professional careers. Our Recent accolades include:
  • Ranked top in the UK for graduate employment by HESA 2013
  • Top Modern University in the UK 2012 & 2013
  • The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2012 & 2013
  • Top University in Scotland for Graduate Level jobs 2012
  • The Times Good University Guide 2012
  • The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2012
  • The Independent Complete University Guide 2012
  • The Guardian University Guide 2012
Top Modern University for Research in Scotland
  • RAE Guide 2008
The primary aim of the WISDOM BUSINESS ACADEMY is to provide solid academic assistance for students to face CIMA examinations confidently. WISDOM id exclusively geared for this purpose. Success at the CIMA examinations is synonymous with Wisdom because of the numerous credentials under our belt. BSc Accounting, exclusively designed program for the candidates who have a desire of getting Academically and Professionally qualified under one roof. The excellence of quality delivery at Wisdom Business Academy is the trust of partnership between Wisdom and Robert Gordon University. Wisdom has the wealth of:
  • CIMA Quality Partner
  • ISO 9001:2008 Quality Accreditation
  • An annual enrollment of more than 5000 students
  • An impeccable panel of lecturers
Taught Modules
  • Auditing Theory and Practices
  • 15 Credits
  • Academic Literature Review
  • 15 Credits
Assessment Led modules
  • Performance Led Concepts
  • 20 Credits
  • Enterprise Concepts
  • 20 Credits
  • Financial Concepts
  • 20 Credits
Work experience
  • Practical Management Accounting
  • 30 Credits
    Total of 120 Credits within one year.
Entry Requirements: CIMA Management Level (Operational Level students may seek admission while studying at Operational Level on a conditional offer. The Degree will be awarded upon completion of the Management Level)
Registration: Rs. 50,000/-
Option 1
Full payment
Rs. 400,000
Option 2
Down payment & Monthly
Rs. 125,000/- + 30,000/- x10
Option 3
Monthly only
Rs. 45,000/- x 10
  • CIMA Quality Partner
  • Moodle (University Web Portal) Access - Every student will be given access (online) to university Moodle, and the lecturers, and for their presentations

  • Text Books - Recommended text book will be easily accessed through your Moodle, anytime, anywhere.

  • Library Access - Online Library access
  • Internal Degree - RGU Degrees offered through Wisdom Business Academy are internal degrees, Original certificate and the transcript will be given by the University itself.

  • Transferring credits- is transparent through your Moodle account. You always can have direct access to the University through email.

  • Assessment and Evaluation- Will be done at RGU.
  • Networking - Networking ability with students who are with different senior professional backgrounds.
Head of Department, Professor Elizabeth Gammie says: "The vision of our portfolio of courses is to ensure we equip our graduates for career progression and central to this is a mutual understanding that they must be ready to meet the challenges and opportunities of a changing economic and business environment. Our courses are continuously developing and we are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible learning experience. We look forward to welcoming you onto our course and we wish you very success in the future."